About Royal Realty Company

Royal Realty is a family owned and operated company in business since 1962. As fourth generation builders and real estate developers, we have built a reputation of excellence.

Great grandfather, F.P. Mirabelli founded Grandview Construction in New York in 1903. By the mid 1930's, Grandview Construction was one of the largest landscaping firms in the country. During the forties, Grandview became a nationally recognized improvement contractor, building airfields, contonments, airports and army camps for the war effort.

By the 1950's grandfather, G. J. Pacchiana, founded the Thalle Construction Company Inc., a company that became one of the New York Metropolitan area's largest and most consistent heavy construction contractors. During the 1970's, G.J. Pacchiana, founded and was the first Chairman of the Hudson Valley National Bank now Sterling National Bank (NYSE ticker: STL). His firm developed and built the Hudson Valley Bank Building, The Staples Shopping Center and the Empire Building. G.J.'s granddaughter Cristina Sullivan-Magidson, continues to own, manage and operate the properties.